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Published on March 17th, 2017 | by Jeff Engelhardt


Week 3: MLS Pick’em Challenge

1. Sean F: +4
2. Jeff: +3
2. Ricky L: +3
4. Joe C: +1
4. CC: +1
6. Anthony P: 0
7. Jaymes G: -1
8. Donald H: -2
8. HotHam: -2
8. Michael T: -2
8. David: -2
12. Ryan: -6
12. JCIII: -6 

Sean is in the lead all by himself after Anthony missed on his pick last week. Ryan and JCIII both have gone for +300 picks in the first two weeks and both have let them down. But there is still everything to play for and the competition is still wide open! So let’s get to our refresher on the rules.

Each week, you get a chance to pick ONE result from any MLS game. It does not have to be the same game I pick. And points will be earned for each correct result and COULD be lost for a wrong pick. We will keep track of everyone participating and update standings in each weeks post.

If you pick a result with – odds, you are picking the favorite. You can only gain one point (whether it’s -100 or -300), but you will not lose any points if you are incorrect. If you pick a result with + odds, you are picking the underdog. In this scenario you get bonus points based on how big the underdog. But because you are swinging for the fences you can also lose points.  Here is a brief rundown.

+100 odds, you get 2 points if they win, but lose 1 point if it loses

+200 odds, you get 3 points if they win, but lose 2 points if it loses

+300 odds, you get 4 points if they win, but lose 3 points if it loses

Hopefully that all makes sense. Feel free to ask questions if you are confused.

So I will list the odds for every game each week and you just need to submit the pick before kickoff the particular game you are playing that week. You can submit your picks by leaving a comment here or tweeting to @FireOnIceSoccer with the hashtag #pickem.

Week 3 Odds (from Bovada, home team listed first, pick only one)

New York City FC -120, Montreal Impact +330, Draw +225
Atlanta United -110, Chicago Fire +300, Draw +240
Vancouver Whitecaps +135, Toronto FC +205, Draw +230
DC United +115, Columbus Crew +225, Draw +250
Orlando City +105, Philadelphia Union +225, Draw +245
FC Dallas -150, NE Revolution +400, Draw +285
Sporting KC -130, San Jose Earthquakes +370, Draw +255
Colorado Rapids -215, Minnesota United +600, Draw +335
Real Salt Lake +120, LA Galaxy +230, Draw +225
Portland Timbers -140, Houston Dynamo +385, Draw +285
Seattle Sounders +135, NY Red Bulls +210, Draw +240

Note: Final two games listed came from BetUS because Bovada did not have lines listed

Jeff’s Pick: Seattle Sounders +135
I love home teams with + odds as evidenced by my Houston pick last week and Seattle is no different. The Sounders have an incredible home field advantage and New York is making a long trip to play them. While the Red Bulls have been good, they’ve also been a little shaky. They could have and maybe should have lost to Atlanta and did just enough to beat Colorado at home. Draws in Orlando and Vancouver also are enticing options this week.

Week 3 Picks
Jeff: Seattle +135
Donald H: Chicago +300
JCIII: Houston +385
HotHam: Orlando City +105
Jaymes G: Toronto FC +205
Anthony P: Colorado -215
Rickey L: Toronto FC +205
Sean F: Seattle +135
Michael T: FC Dallas -150
Joe C: Seattle +135
David: LA Galaxy +230
Ryan: Sporting Kansas City -130

Week 3 Updated Standings

1. Sean F: +6 (+2)
1. Ricky L: +6 (+3)
3. Jeff: +5 (+2)
4. Joe C: +3 (+2)
5. Jaymes G: +2 (+3)
6. David: +1 (+3)
6. CC: +1 (NA)
8. Anthony P: 0 (No change for losing – odd pick)
8. HotHam: 0 (+2)
9. Michael T: -1 (+1)
10. Donald H: -5 (-3)
10. Ryan: -5 (+1)
12. JCIII: -9 (-3)


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