1. Sean F: +8 (+2) 2. Ricky L: +6 Week 6: MLS Pick'em Challenge - Fire On Ice Soccer


Published on April 6th, 2017 | by Jeff Engelhardt


Week 6: MLS Pick’em Challenge

1. Sean F: +8 (+2)
2. Ricky L: +6
3. Jeff: +5 (0)
4. Joe C: +3 (N/A)
5. David: +1 (N/A)
6. Jaymes G: 0 (-2)
6. Anthony P: 0 (0)
6. HotHam: 0 (0)
9. Michael T: -2 (-1)
10. Donald H: -5 (0)
11. Ryan: -9 (-4)
12. JCIII: -14 (-2)

What a week! Sean F. is on an absoulte tear, taking Vancouver when everyone else wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. He now finds himself in first place all by himself. A lot of stagnant happening as four people missed on picking a favorite to win (thanks a lot Chicago). One word of warning, CC was dropped after not making a pick since Week 1. David and Joe C. did not make a pick last week. Hopefully everybody gets back on board this week.

Each week, you get a chance to pick ONE result from any MLS game. It does not have to be the same game I pick. And points will be earned for each correct result and COULD be lost for a wrong pick. We will keep track of everyone participating and update standings in each weeks post.

If you pick a result with – odds, you are picking the favorite. You can only gain one point (whether it’s -100 or -300), but you will not lose any points if you are incorrect. If you pick a result with + odds, you are picking the underdog. In this scenario you get bonus points based on how big the underdog. But because you are swinging for the fences you can also lose points.  Here is a brief rundown.

+100 odds, you get 2 points if they win, but lose 1 point if it loses

+200 odds, you get 3 points if they win, but lose 2 points if it loses

+300 odds, you get 4 points if they win, but lose 3 points if it loses

Hopefully that all makes sense. Feel free to ask questions if you are confused.

So I will list the odds for every game each week and you just need to submit the pick before kickoff the particular game you are playing that week. You can submit your picks by leaving a comment here or tweeting to @FireOnIceSoccer with the hashtag #pickem.

Week 6 Odds (from Bovada, home team listed first, pick only one)

LA Galaxy -155, Montreal Impact +425, Draw +285
Chicago Fire +105, Columbus Crew +250, Draw +255
New England -125, Houston Dynamo +325, Draw +275
DC United +105, New York City FC +250, Draw +245
Philadelphia Union +125, Portland Timbers +210, Draw +240
Toronto FC -160, Atlanta United +400, Draw +305
FC Dallas -265, Minnesota United +650, Draw +400
Real Salt Lake -100, Vancouver Whitecaps +275, Draw +245
San Jose Earthquakes +115, Seattle Sounders +235, Draw +240
Orlando City +135, New York Red Bulls +190, Draw +250
Sporting Kansas City -130, Colorado Rapids +375, Draw +260

Jeff’s Pick: Houston +325
I have played it pretty safe to this point in the season, but there is a TON of value all over the place this week. Portland and New York City FC are underdogs against shaky sides and a draw in Toronto seems very possible. But I’ve picked Houston once this season and they didn’t let me down. They might have the most potent team offense in MLS right now and I think it keeps up on the road. New England has looked better, but they’re still New England. Going for a big four points this week.

Week 6 Picks
Jeff: Houston +325
JCIII: Columbus +250
JoeC: Houston +325
JaymesG: NYCFC +250
SeanF: Portland +210
AnthonyP: FC Dallas -265
RickyL: FC Dallas -265
HotHam: Toronto FC -160
Ryan: Atlanta United +400
MichaelT: Seattle +235

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