Published on June 27th, 2017 | by John Carollo


We’re Back! (and the Truth is We Never Left You)

Well hi there! You thought we were done for, didn’t you? Well, we kinda were, but now we’re back! Why does the tone of this article sound extremely different than this site’s previous work? That’s because I’m new.

Hi, I’m John Carollo III; but most people know me as Jiggly. In fact you probably know me already. I do the previews over on Hot Time (and for those worried about those, fear not, I will continue to be doing them until at least the end of the season) and am really active on Twitter. What am I doing over here? Well you certainly are asking a lot of questions for someone who is not talking. Jeff realized that his life was getting really busy and couldn’t find enough time to write about the Fire, let alone watch any games. Knowing I had no life, he asked me to come in and help out. So here I am!

As a bit of an introduction, I’m the only person on this site not currently a professional writer. Instead I’m a college student (hence the lack of a life). I’m going to a community college to start on a degree in Broadcast Journalism, but until August I have all the time in the world to give you guys content. My history with the Fire is a pretty deep one. I was born the year after the ‘98 season and my first game was only a week or so after that. Since then I’ve only ever missed home games due to illness, school functions, or punishments (wasn’t good at school and missed the 2012 playoff game).

Recently I’ve become very involved with the Fire community ever since the 2014 season when I suddenly realized the Fire were terrible. I joined my dad on the soccer forums, then joined Twitter, and then decided to involve myself more with the Section 8 community. Sometime last season I thought, “Hey, I should do some extra research on the Fire to sound smart.” Then I thought, “Maybe I should write stuff and post it places.” I then subsequently applied for Hot Time and was accepted (only to be forgotten about). Once the people in charge realized I was hired only 6 months later, I started with Hot Time and have been doing that since… Until now!

While here, I’d like to continue what Jeff was trying to do before he was hit by almost everything life has to offer. Pick ‘Em should make a comeback (while I clearly won’t be making one in the standings) and Ryan and I are already discussing a return for the podcast. I might even add an extra little weekly piece just for you guys. I’ll also be trying to add a bit more Red Stars coverage, as I feel they still need as much coverage as possible and I really like to talk about them.

I like think it’s a good idea for a new contributor to make sure they introduce themselves to the audience so they know who they are and what they’re about to do. If you’ve got any random questions for me, just drop a comment and I’ll take some time out of not having a life to answer.



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